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Style, A Way of Life

At Holly Heider Chapple, we firmly believe that life is meant for more than living. Life is meant to be beautiful- and beautifully styled. Style isn’t just about where you live or what you like. Style is about how you live. It’s making those little decisions that make a big difference- one selection at a time. Whether it’s choosing lovely linen napkins that pair perfectly with your day-to-day tableware, or snagging some fresh, wild blooms from the yard and tucking them into a blue-mercury vase, the items that you fill your life with are full of potential for an aesthetically lovely lifestyle.

We here at Holly Heider Chapple believe that the slightest stylistic touch adds immense value to the aesthetic of your life, and we make these stylistic decisions on a daily basis. Whether we’re designing an extravagant wedding or arranging florals for a styled shoot, we remember that each an every choice is an opportunity to bring beauty to the world. From ribbon textures and hues to container selections and tableware options, we believe in curating gorgeous environments, tablescapes and events.



Our signature look has been lovingly deemed “Hollyish” in honor of Holly herself. Originally coined by the members of the Chapel Designers, the term has come to describe an aesthetic that is wistful, sophisticated and stylish. Imagine a stray tendril creating elegant curlicues against a backdrop of loosely gathered garden roses, peonies and ranunculus. Seeded eucalyptus and plumosa add an ethereal, cascading quality. Scabiosa lends a nostalgic texture to the ensemble.

“Hollyish” is the embodiment of all that is beautiful. Airy and fresh, a “Hollyish” design is perfectly lovely for an intimate tête-à-tête or can be lusciously filled out for extravagant ballroom affairs. Always couture, always imaginative, a “Hollyish” design is a design that exudes originality and a flair for the romantic.


The Art of the Styled Shoot

In a world full of imagery and objects, styling is a vital aspect of creating a lovelier lifestyle. Collaborating with talented vendors, venues, product lines and photographers to curate designs that will motivate and intrigue our clients and followers to live more beautifully styled lives is at the core of who we are. We believe in composing innovative events- events that are developed from a place of passion. From industry experts to blushing brides, we aim to engage the imagination and enthusiasm of lovers of beauty worldwide.

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Life in Loudoun

Loudoun County natives, Holly and Evan have grown their home, family and business within the parameters of this rural haven. From their cozy home-studio to the flowerbeds that ensconce the house, life in Loudoun is full and vibrant. Nearby Middleburg and Downtown Leesburg create the perfect picturesque playground for a designer and her entourage. Continually inspired by the historic significance of the location, natural elegance of the Virginian hunt country and the eloquence of antiquated buildings and properties, Holly is at home in Loudoun.


Love in Loudoun

Located in the heart of Northern Virginia with gorgeous vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains, open fields, bright skies and refreshingly colored expanses, newly engaged couples could hardly ask for a more exquisite backdrop for their nuptials.  Between nostalgic historic properties, some of Virginia’s loveliest vineyards and wineries, resorts, hotels, country clubs, parks, barns, inns and taverns, venue options are myriad and the possibilities are endless.

Holly and her design team love to assist newly-engaged Loudoun County couples in achieving the Wedding of their dreams.  From stylish linens, florals, stationery and cuisine to the perfect photographer to capture each magical moment, Holly’s studio has created a unique opportunity for couples wishing to wed in Loudoun called Loudoun Weddings. The team’s creative experts know Loudoun and they know Weddings. They are passionate about bringing the style and charm of the Loudoun lifestyle to the wonderful world of weddings.


Loudoun Weddings

Let Loudoun Weddings inspire, support and amaze you as you take steps towards a brand new life together and fall even more in love in Loudoun.  Get the full dish on having a Loudoun Weddings affair by visiting our Loudoun Weddings division.