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Without growth, the floral industry literally cannot exist. All flowers begin as a seed or bulb that grows into an exquisite blossom.  Designers are just like that, they need a place to grow. At Holly Heider Chapple, the importance of professional and personal growth remains at the core of who we are. With over 25 years of experience in the floral design and events industry, Holly believes that by providing people with numerous, quality opportunities, and through cultivation of a business model centered around kindness and creativity, not only will individuals flourish, the industry and society as a whole will be positively influenced. Hence the birth of Chapel Designers, an international organization and support system for floral designers specializing in weddings and couture events. Chapel Designers was created so that Holly could offer a nourishing environment to encourage and cultivate the talents of designers from all over the world. Lovingly christened the Flower Momma, Holly has helped Chapel Designers everywhere fulfill their floral dreams.

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Come away with Holly Heider Chapple and the Chapel Designers for an exquisite adventure you’ll never forget.  Holly travels worldwide to inspire, encourage and mentor.  Experience the excitement, excellence and energy of creating and collaborating with some of the industry’s finest designers!

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Chapel Designers

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