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Superb, Quality Florals

With over 20 years of expertise, experience and contacts in the floral and wedding industry, we here at Holly Heider Chapple ensure that our clients and brides receive the finest and freshest florals available for weddings and events. Located in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, we have access to top-notch growers both locally and around the world. Holly herself visits flower markets globally in a quest for the loveliest and freshest blossoms.


Gathering the Finest

After we gather our flowers, our designers here at the Studio grade them. If the florals do not meet our impeccable standards for quality, color and size, the florals are returned and replaced.


Stunning Styling

Finally, after the best blooms arrive to stay in our Studio, we style and arrange them into stunning and vibrant works of art.  In addition to our superb, quality florals, the Holly Heider Chapple Studio also boasts a higher stem count than many other studios. Holly Heider Chapple remains dedicated to these quality practices, which is reflected in our superior finished products.


Contact the Holly Heider Chapple Studio to learn more about The Full Bouquet Floral Experience offering.


Prestigious Publications

Our high standards have contributed immensely to our florals being featured in numerous publications. Our Studio is regularly recognized by top industry publications, having been chosen as one of Martha Stewart Wedding’s Top 62 Floral Designers and proudly named to Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book.

Florals From the Garden

An amazing aspect of working with Holly Heider Chapple is the fact that the Studio boasts a vibrant array of fresh florals that are harvested directly from the gardens that surround it. Brides have the option of selecting our From the Garden Experience offering which allows them to have an incredibly unique and stunningly realized set of floral designs for their event. From the Garden florals are some of our most sought-after designs, a perfect platform for our designers to show off their creative prowess and trendsetting stylistic abilities. The Garden is at its fairest from July through the first frost of the year.

On a Budget?

Consider designs created with fresh flowers from our garden or other local growers. Flowers from the garden are not less valuable or less beautiful; in fact they are even more precious. We are able to offer From the Garden designs as a less expensive option because we do not spend hours writing design recipes or chasing product. For these designs, a simple stroll through the garden or a quick call to local growers will supply us with the gifts of the day. Each design is approached as a creativly artistic expression, specially gathered and styled for your wedding or event alone.


Contact the Holly Heider Chapple Studio to learn more about the From the Garden Experience offering.



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