Home Studio & Gardens

Holly and Evan bought their home well over 20 years ago and have transformed it into a remarkable Studio and creative Event Design space.  In addition to being home to their thriving family, the Studio is surrounded by bountiful gardens.  Every year, Holly and Evan receive an amazing harvest of blooms. Nostalgic flowering shrubs and perennials like Spirea, Lilac, Hydrangea, and Peony peppered the property when the couple first bought the land. Since Holly’s father owned a garden center, Holly was able to extend the gardens significantly with substantial additions over the years.

Growth In the Gardens

When Evan joined the HHC team full-time in 2011, the gardens underwent an extensive transformation.  With Evan’s keen oversight, the gardens have become more vibrant than ever. Increased production and an ever-widening range of beautiful blossoms have continued to develop over the last few years.  Evan’s stewardship of the florals on the grounds has increased the Studio’s ability to accommodate From the Garden brides and has added to the overall sense of originality that HHC florals are well-known for throughout the industry.

American Grown

The Holly Heider Chapple Gardens are registered as an agricultural business with the state of Virginia. With myriad blooms bursting in her garden, Holly has truly set her Studio apart through her commitment to providing local, all-American options for her brides. Much of Holly’s wedding and event design inspiration is found right at home in these personal gardens. Solutions to tough design issues are readily revealed in the flourishing flowerbeds throughout the growing season. Unique floral elements are readily available and promptly harvested from the gardens during growing season, each stem finding its destiny in a cascading compote or beautiful bridal bouquet.

View stunning, exclusive designs from the Holly Heider Chapple Gardens.

Design From the Gardens

Be sure to explore our couture From the Garden Experience Floral Design opportunities- a fabulous chance to experience the brightest and most beautiful blooms of the season.

Meet Me In the Gardens

Spring always brings a burst of joy to the Studio at Holly Heider Chapple. We eagerly await the moment we are able to begin harvesting our gorgeous blooms. Make sure to visit our upcoming events page for opportunities to “Meet Me in the Garden” and experience the magic of Holly Heider Chapple’s gardens for yourself!